Simple Tools That Every Homeowner Needs

Gardening/Yard Work ToolsSometimes the difference between an easy job and a hard job can be the tools that you are using. For example, think about the time difference between collecting leaves by hand and using a rake. When you take into consideration that most tools are relatively inexpensive and generally last for years, it can be worth the investment in a basic tool collection.

Garden Shovel

The multi-purpose garden shovel is one of those tools that can be used in so many contexts and for so many purposes. Whether planting some new saplings or helping your neighbor with that small renovation, a shovel is a must have in your shed.


The bucket is a tool that is simple yet so important. Whether your fertilizing the lawn or washing the car, the bucket is crucial.

Hose and Sprayer

A good hose is another great edition to the home. Keeping the grass and plants well watered, washing the car and so many other tasks are made much easier with a quality garden hose and sprayer.

Gardening Gloves

Keep your hands clean while your doing the dirty work. A pair of gloves will save your hands from becoming victim to a savage thorn or a dangerous spider bite.

Garden Rake

For those of you who enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn probably don’t enjoy the after effects… the dead leaves. However, with a good garden rake you can have your lawn cleaned up in know time. A garden rake can also have numerous uses if you’re a green thumb and you like to plant and cultivate a hobby garden.

Pruning Shears

If you have a hedge or trees in your yard there is a good chance you could put to use a pair of pruning shears. Pruning shears are a tool that help you keep your garden looking neat and tidy. Cutting down dead branches/twigs, keeping your hedge perfectly neat and weeding are all made easy with this basic tool.

These modest tools can potentially save you a lot of time, energy and backache. The tools on this list are also low cost options that serve many purposes. Next time your in the garden, ask yourself, “Is there a tool that could make this job easier?”